Friday, July 31, 2009

whats new ?

Goodaye everyone,

first of all I need to say a huge thankyou to Miss Tara Dunstan for creating my new blog, she's excelled herself well and truly. THANKYOU my sweet.

So how's everyone been? everyone all happy and healthy I hope.

Huge news here Perry and myself have become grandparents to a healthy little boy Taite Allan Horton, he was born on the 16th of March and he's just gorgeous and the best thing thats happened to us in a long long while.

now isn't that the most gorgeous little baby ever ? .. He's a good little boy he's almost a textbook baby, Samantha is very lucky to have a baby like that (I know I never did).

I have finally got back into my scrapping I have changed my software now to Photoshop cs3 again thank you to Miss Tara Dunstan for all of her help in trying to teach me this program, I would have been lost with out you.. xxx

Next step is to learn to design.. which is just around the corner.

I have completed a couple of layouts over the last few weeks, I have changed my style a bit also. got to move with the times or you will get left behind. See what you think of em, your comments are more than welcome

keep your eye on here for more layouts but especially my designs there could be some freebies coming real soon. :)

and until next time stay safe .....