Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Sweet Friends" (award)

Good morning, Sunday and OMG only one day left of January this months just flown by.. won't be long and it will be christmas again.. ok... thats probably pushing it just a bit..LOL..LOL
I had a very relaxing day yesterday I scrapped and scrapped and loved every moment of it.. still got the house cleaned in between stops just for a breather on the eyes..LOL.. mind you today they feel like someones pulled them out then let them go and hit me in the back of the head.. LOL.. 
I think I might be going to have another go at bowls today just for a practice shot.. but who knows the winds pretty well up here again today and its Eastly no one I feel crap :)
I see  DST is down once again.. its just not the same there any more.. and I so miss looking and keeping up with everyones work.. I miss you guys!!!
I have another blog award, this one was given to me by Tara  (Tarty00) what a fun award this is.. thankyou so much Miss Tara Lee..:)

1.) Tell us 10 things that make you happy.
2.) Give this award to 10 other people.

  1. My Grandchild (Taite)
  2. Perry, Samantha and Kurt
  3. My mum and dad
  4. Scrapbooking.
  5. My Fur babies (dogs and cat)
  6. Close friends.
  7. Music (P!nk and loud)
  8. Making someone smile or laugh.
  9. Helping  people. 
  10. Long chit chats.
I am giving this award to:
whoops its just taking me 3 hours to do this post.. I got a bit side tracked looking through the blogs.. quiet enjoyed it.. going to have to sit aside some time and do more of that.. 
any way ladies I do hope you like your award and I cant wait to see what makes you happy !!!!
I better get off here or nothing is going to get done .. :)..  
 Have a top day/night where ever you are in the world.. xx 

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Ocean Breeze"

Good evening everyone.. Friday night here, Yayy weekend. Not sure what the weekend got installed guess in time I will find out.

Had Samantha and little Taite here this afternoon.. little character that he is.. he was sitting on the floor clapping hands and fair singing out.. I think I might have taught him that..LOL..LOL.. love watching him grow.. its excellent being a grandmother..
Another day gone by and no scrapping done again.. tsk tsk tsk.. I came home today from work.. and layed on my bed.. for a so called 5 mins rest.. and a 1 and a half hours later.. I stirred I made myself get up as I had to put a chicken into the oven.. I think I might still be there if I hadnt had to do that..:) I hate massage days.. :(
New kit again tonight..
by Melancolie

my pages using "Ocean Breeze"
Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
gorgeous summery Kit to use with those gorgeous summery pics.. 

I better get going.. I just got vistors for a quick drinkies ..LOL.. it's Friday.. LOL
I hope your end of the week goes smoothly like mine did.. and I shall catch you in a couple of days..
Keep safe you and your families.. xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New Blog Award

Goodaye.. Hows everyones Thursday??? all I can say is thankgod for Friday tomorrow.. :)
Sorry I didn't make it back here yesterday, but I actually went out and done something I have never done before, I had a game of out door bowls with Perry and the next door neighbors and  I absolutely enjoyed every moment, lots of fun.. although the ball never went any where that I wanted it to.. I figure some time it might just end up somewhere close to where it suppose to be..LOL LOL I do believe I shall be giving it another shot sometime soon
I see DST was working for all of 5 mins.. I got one layout in there and was about to start commenting.. and now its unavailable.. OH MAN!!! how much longer.. fair dinkum I am so lost with out DST..

I have another blog award wow..
I'm honored

Thank you so much Lisa (Lisadee) ... I am so excited to receive  this
my six choices for this award are:-
Joelle, Henriƫtte, Mumure, wendy, Widie, dida
I have a new kit to show off
by Melancolie

Head over to Melancolie's blog and grab this cluster freebie

 here's my pages using "Dream your life in colors"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

Its taken me all afternoon to do nothing.. I dont know where the afternoons gone.. but all I know is I am so ready for bed.. I will be back tomorrow night with a new kit..
until then stay safe xxx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!!!!

"Happy Australia Day" you Aussie's out there... I hope you all have had fun celebrating with family friends neighbors!!!! yayyy..
I have had a very quiet day here just sitting back scrapping away.. and having the time of my mojo's back YIPPPEEEE  Perry had to work today so I celebrated with my furry babies instead.. LOL..

The internet's been playing up on me.. tonight.. but I was able to get a page into DST but havent been able to comment on any other layouts.. I tell ya it's driving me bloody crazy... I wish they would just hurry up and sorter it all out.. I am so over it...!!!
Popped up to see Tarty00 (Tara) and her husband and the kidlets last night had a lovely BBQ and excellent chit chat as always.. had been a while since we had seen each other.. life gets a bit busy and time just fly's a huge thankyou my sweet..
I have been able to complete a few CT layouts for up coming kits.. and am very proud of myself today.. LOL..
I have a new kit to show off to you
by Marypop Design

And some quickpages:

two freebies... Mary's blogwear:

                                  Hop over to Mary's blog.. and pick up these 2 freebies they are gorgeous...

here's my pages using "My Memories"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

ok.. I think I might finally have this post finally done.. it's only taken 3 hours because of my pc and internet deciding to make life a little hard for me tonight.. damn thing.. LOL..

Ok. I better soon get my butt into bed it's back to work for me tomorrow morning at 6 bummer!!!
I hope everyones had a safe weekend and lots of fun..
I shall be back tomorrow hopefully if this pc is behaving with another new kit..
stay safe!!! 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joelle's "Little Artist"

Good morning every body.. I'm sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee on this gorgeous sunny warm sunday.. (long weekend) sun is beaming into my room through the curtains.. onto my back.. warm and cosy... :) and to top it all off.. my darling husband cooked me my breakfast.. how sweet is that...??? ( I think he might love me.. ) LOL...

I thought I would hop on here this morning do what I need to and then I am off for the day I want to go and enjoy this gorgeous weather that we are having although I do need to get one more page done for a CT but I am hoping to get that done tonight.. hopefully it wont be to late.. I am sure she will understand..

I have from the gorgeous Joelle a fantastic new kit when I was creating my pages I couldnt get over just how they fell together the elements in this kit.. what can I say.. WOW!! you have done a excellent job with this kit Joelle... I love love love it!!!
by Joelle Design

Wonderful kit to scrap your a singer, painter or actor....
Step into the magic world of an Artist
10 Papers
55 Elements

I bet you have some ideas running through your head now on how you could be using this kit to create some gorgeous pages... I do and I have already created 2 pages.. its a kit that can be used so many times... 
Joelle is aslo offering a Quickpage freebie for you using "Little artist" on her blog

here's my pages using "Little Artist" 

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

Head over to either or Joelle's blog and check out the inspirational layouts made from Little Artist Kit by the other CT girlies .

oh I have someone to show you also.. take a glimpse of a little man that steals my heart every time I am near him or think of him..

My daughter samantha's been playing in Ps herself.. she's done a excellent job with the effects

 Dont take any notice of the date I think I need to have a bit of a play with her camera/mine LOL.
I havent got a recent one of him smiling.. but will get onto sam and get one done real soon...
ok. I am off.. to do some house work.. washing... oh.. shower and dressed would be a good start..LOL... I hope where ever you may be.. you have a great day/night and stay safe.. xxx

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lost and not found... anyone seen my mojo???? I am about to hit my head on the wall.. HELP!!! I wonder why we end up loosing our creative streak any one know??? and DST honestly talk about frustrating,  I miss not been able to leave my comments around in the gallery.. those people that hack into sites.. honestly " get a damn life" they spoil it for everyone..
I have had my massage for this week.. wasnt to bad.. but holy cow I am feeling the after effects.. I didnt see that truck.. that hit me.. LOL.. (thats how I am feeling)
I just had my special little man out.. My god he's growing so fast.. his little face lights up so much when he sees perry, he's now got 3 teeth and crawling flat out and loves to be chased, and playing peek a boo. I must get some up to date pics and show you just how cute Taite is... he's just gorgeous.. :).. a bit carried away actually I am buying time I have layouts to complete but I know once I open up Ps my mojo just isnt going to be there.. sob sob sob..

new kit to show off.. here ...............................
By Rena

 here's my pages using "Baby Boy"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

soft blues, whites.. gorgeous kit Rena 

I need to get Ps open and get creating.. so.. I shall catch you tomorrow afternoon.. take care.. xxx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"My Time"

Another day almost gone.. well sort of.. its lunch time.. and I am home from work .. Yippeee.. just got to get my house work done.. then I am done... LOL
Just said goodbye to my darling son Kurt.. he's heading back out to sea.. hopefully they will get the catch that they need.. and a cray for us.. Yum!! " Have a safe trip, love you "

I received another blog award today by the wonderful Ramon thankyou so much.. so sweet of you  xxx

I have so many layouts to do.. but I think my mojo's gone on holidays.. I can not get anything to work out how I want it... going to end up throwing something at the screen if it doesnt soon come back

Take a look at this..  a fun kit
    "My Time"
by Marta Designs

 You wanna win new kit?
Tell Marta  what you think of her new kit  and she will come back soon and chose 3 lucky winners on her blog...

Marta is also offering this Quick Page on her blog.. head over grab it..

(page is linked to Marta's Blog)

here's my pages using "My Time"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

is it time to change my style..???? would love to hear what you think... I am worried that people are going to get so sick of seeing my layouts.. :(
well I am off to shower get some tea ready do the washing and then hopefully my mojo is back.. pfffttttt.. IT BETTER BE BACK!!!
Take care of yourselves and your families... and I will be back tomorrow afternoon.. after my massage.. xx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Love Greedy"

      Hows things going in your part of the world???  Wow the weathers turned here at the moment.. its really feeling like Winter.. soo sooo cold.. 
         Perry's got a week off.. lucky monkey he's spending time up in his shed mucking with his car that he's pulled apart.. and respraying frankly I couldnt be bothered but its something that he's wanting to do..
Guess what ??? it's a long weekend here this weekend.. YIPPEEE.. !!! and there's talk of a RDO on Monday so thats a 4 day weekend..  LOL..LOL.. what to do.. NOTHING.. scrap, gardening.. 

I have a wonderful new kit to show off.. wow.. its just gorgeous.. and the strawberries look divine, I really couldnt wait to use this kit..
by Melancolie

go over to digiscrapmania check out the deals thats been offered with this gorgeous kit
I see also that Melancolie's running a contest over on her blog

now look at that Addon.. fantastic!!!  .. go on.. join in and have a go in the contest.. have lots of fun.. see what you can come up with using the Addon

here's my pages using "Love Greedy"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

 Just before I go I see Rena's having a sale over at digiscrapmania

head over.. check it out!!!

I shall catch you tomorrow afternoon.. I have to get going and get this washing off the line before it pours with rain.. actually coffee time first..then the ironing.. :)... take care.. xx