Friday, April 30, 2010

Starlight Designs

wow.. Friday afternoon... and it's time for another new kit.. .. I'm certainly flogging the old blog this week...  ha ha ha..
And here is my first page.. for the gorgeous Ivonka..

 I Love The Rain
Starlight Designs

Ivonka's offering a freebie over on her blog..
it's a Quick page..Check this out..

and my pages 

If you would like to see my DST Gallery Click here..

I'm pretty pleased how these turned out.

Oh.. I should mention.. this also.. for Ivonka 

Don't forget to visit the store CU4YOU!
All her products promotional price! -up to 80% YES!    

OMG.. now isnt that one heck of a saving... make sure you head over to Digital-Crea don't miss out.. 
Have a great weekend.. and stay safe..  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spa Paradise Kit

wow.. hasn't the day flown.. I just can't get over it.. although any one watching me through a window.. must have wondered what in the hell was I doing.. LOL..LOL.. I was doing a couple of layouts.. that needed to be done.. was also designing my new blog wear... and house cleaning. .now hows that for talent.. LOL..LOL.. its amazing the stuff that I was able to get done today.. the house looks like I have been cleaning for hours.. hehehehe...
Mind you it did help when the power went off.. I had no choice but do something other than on the computer...
Lost everything that I had been doing on the computer though..but that teaches me for having a dozen things going at the same time.. and not saving as I go.. damn.. I really need to learn to save.. duuuhhhh Tracey.. :)

I better get on with this blog.. before the internet goes out again.. I am really over this.. Tasmania.. or I should say this part of Tasmania really needs to get its act together...
another kit by the gorgeous Nicole ..              
Spa Paradise 
 NBK Designs

This Kit includes:
16 Papers
57 Elements

and my layouts 

If you would like to see my DST Gallery Click here..

its a cute kit.. check out The Shoppe... theres some savings coming your way soon... over there!
Oh.. did you notice my blog... I love it... its from the gorgeous "Quiet Pond" by Tiramisu Designs available at 
Sunflowerscrap  go and check out the full kit.. the colours are gorgeous.. 
Right I am heading off now.. I need to get to bed.. I have to be up early in the morning.. I have 3 working days left and then.. I am a free woman... so until next time.. stay safe.. be happy.. night... mwah

NSD Sale

Big savings over at The Shoppe go and check it out.. !

News Flash! News Flash!

Good morning.. sunshines.. I have dropped in to share some wonderful news.... OMG..almost 9 years of age and Joelle aka "Joelle Designs" daughter Kaith aka "Little Pixel" just designed her very own kit Yayyyy.. now theres talent in the making..  check out the sneak preview.. can't wait to see the whole kit.. and play with it..

Her example is  the great Lorie Davison, Kaith will be  getting her own store at Scrappity-Doo-Dah under her designer name "Little Pixel"
Keep your eye out.. its coming out real soon... Way To Go Kaith..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hold on to your britches.. 3rd day in a row blogging ... can we make it for a fourth tomorrow.. who knows..
Been a strange old day here in Tassie.. windy cold and wet ... need to be a duck.. for this weather :)

I have another fabulous kit to show off.. again from the gorgeous Nicole from NBK Designs

The Pink Coat
by NBK Designs

This Bundle includes:
11 Papers
56 Elements
55 Elements shadowed

my pages... 

If you would like to see my DST Gallery Click here..

gorgeous colours in this kit.. I just loved working with it..

and for my exciting news .. is I have been accepted onto Starlights CT.. Oh wow... I have adored Ivonka's designs for a very long time.. and now I get to play.. thankyou my sweet for the chance ... mwah 

I better get going and start making her a page.. her next kit comes out tomorrow.. until next time.. stay safe.. be good... mwah.. girls.. and boys... :).. hehehehe

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Fairy

I know.. I know... again tonight.. whats come over me... shock !

But I have a gorgeous new kit to show off.. to you all..

Blue Fairy 
by Sekada Designs

This kit includes 73 elements and 11 papers

and theres a freebie for you on her blog.. 1 paper and 1 cluster

and here's my pages

If you would like to see my DST Gallery Click here..

It's a bit late here now.. and I should be in bed.. it's been a big day.. since 5.00am but not long to go now almost over and I can sleep all I want as from next Tuesday I will be jobless.. 
I hope you are all well... and I shall catch up again in a couple of days time.. take care...I will have some news to share next time I am here.. so get ready for it... I am so excited about it all...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stranger in the House!

Good evening..  Oh no..dont panic it's tracey.. I have finally found my way back.. sorry to all the followers.. but I went missing in action ... been a bit flat out.. over this way... I have  a week left of work.. and she's all over... very mixed emotions about it all...
I hope you all.. are well.. and your families also..
I'm showing off a new kit from the gorgeous girl herself... miss Nicole from NBK Designs

The Green Coat

This kit features 60 delightful elementsuch as a green rain coat and hat, clouds, umbrellas, rubber ducky and so much more. And 57 of the elements also come with a shadowed version. Plus, there are 10 whimsical and fun papers to play with in this kit!

My layout using Nicole's kit

Click here to my DST Gallery.. 
and keep your eye out.. theres The Pink Coat version coming out soon... 
I will be back tomorrow.. night.. wow.. 2 nights in a row...  gasp- shock- horror... I have another new kit to show off from another wonderful designer... so until then my sweets stay safe.. be good.. and have lots of fun..  and thanks for popping by.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm back.. with a new kit

Alrighty then I think I might be getting there.. now.. I have my PC back (thankyou dad and mum) slowly getting it back to where it was.. still got a long long way to go.. but its better than yesterday for sure... I was ready to sit down and scream my head off.. but thanks to my parents they got it up and running once more for me... she was touch and go there for a while.. :)

I have a gorgeous gorgeous kit to show off.. I have been breaking my neck to show you all my pages.. was pretty pleased with how they turned out

Thank God I save all my Psd  files.. as now I have most of my ct layouts all I have to do is re save them again.. which will take some doing but better than loosing them all like I thought I had... not a nice feeling at all...

Right back to this new kit...

"The Nanny"
54 Elements
16 paper
Look at those papers... they are gorgeous to work with...
here are my pages using Joelle's Nanny Kit

I do love Joelle's designs.. so so easy.. to work with.. mwah ..

Its Saturday night here in Tassie.. a bit wet.. but not cold.. at all.. I wanted to go and do something.. but really should stay here and finish sortering out stuff.. as I am so far behind in things... 

Oh well.. I must keep moving.. you all enjoy your weekend.. and I shall be back in the next day or so stay safe.. you and your families.. mwah... 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer Problems

Howdy people's just popping in to let you all know.. I have a few computer problems, Yes.. I have had the luck of the Irish twice over.. and back again..


We decided that I would get more Ram put into my computer.. new windows7.. well the Ram went in real well.. Windows 7 geeezzz no go.. the tech fella is unable to get it onto my hard drive at this particular moment, but the biggest of all the problems is I backed up all files eg layouts, new CT kits ,addresses, Links and so on and so on.. onto one of my external hard drives.. had a lend of my dads PC went to take my CT stuff off external hard drive.. and it wouldnt open.. OMG.. The Tech fella got it to the point of being able to see on it.. but everythings gone.. not one thing is left on it.. OMG..

I need to say sorry to my designers because this will set me back a fair bit.. some how I will get through it.. and get the layouts out there just need to sit and think how.. I do have a couple of ideas.. just havent got around to trying them out as yet .. I can not stress just how much I am peeved off..  they say to BACK UP BACK UP..!!! right .. backed up .. and still lost it..  :(

Hopefully tomorrow it will have some sort of windows on there. .not sure which one whether it be Vista or Windows 7 but when I do have it back and running to how I had it.. you will all hear me far far away.. LOL..LOL.. if I dont laugh.. I will cry...

thanks for listening.. :)  until later keep safe..


Monday, April 5, 2010

Collab kit and Easter Sales .

Wow.. 2010 Easter is just about finished.. my word.. the holidays have flown.. I do hope that you and your families have had a great time celebrating with family and friends just like I have.. been the best ..

I have a gorgeous new kit to show off to you... Sekada Designs and GoldenSun Designs got together and made

available at digiscrap'mania

This kit includes 91 elements (2 WA) and 15 papers:)

QP and Clusters Frames:
and Sekada's  Freebie for you: 1 paper and 1 cluster head over to her Blog 
and grab it.. while you are over there.. check out the inspiration layouts of the 
other CT girls.. 

And my pages using this gorgeous kit..

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look) 

I almost forgot.. sorry Nicole.. NBK Designs

 The Shoppe is on Sale, get 30% off All, as well CU Products and our latest Spring Kits
And as a special gift we have this for you, through the whole April...

Nicole's Free Mini Kit for Easter head over to her Blog to download.
My layout using the mini kit

and she's got another freebie to grab.. wow.. 2 freebies..
Check this out...  

I have one more day off work then back to it.. for 3 days.. then its the weekend once again.. Yayyy...
Perry's going away again this week to work.. to the other side of Tasmania.. bummer.. I dont like it when he goes away.. it gets a bit of a drag.. when he's away.. but then theres some good sides to it also..

Going into town tomorrow.. spend the morning with my parents.. mum wants to make some fish patties... I'm not what you call into cooking just for the fun of it.. but hey if it means I get to spend some quality time with them both.. well thats what I shall do... LOL..LOL.. you got to love em.. 

So much for my damn early night.. whoops.. its pass 11.00pm here.. bummer again... I better get moving...  
Again.. I hope you have enjoy your Easter .. and I shall be back again in a couple of days with another newbie... kit... take care... till then.. mwah ..