Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 Days of December

Hello... everyone. just checking in with another new kit from Deviant scrap.

31 Days Of December
by TotallyWild Dezinez

my pages 

"Lost Hat"

"Million $$ Smile"

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

Heathers offering CU check these out

blog Freebie..
which you can download  over here

I hope everyone is doing well where ever you are in the world.. shall be back in a couple of days.. until then mwah

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Good afternoon... hows everyone doing.. on this wet Wednesday???
I have a gorgeous kit to show off.. bit winterly.. but I guess thats whats happening over in the states at the moment... 

This little kit contains 16 papers and 36 elements.
Clem perused her vintage image collection and found a few people who
look like they could survive cold weather. LOL

3 girl ice skaters and a little boy on cross country skiis.
3 adorable young women in long coats. 2 fisher girls and a snow girl
carrying a back satchel. Clem duplicated her and added toys to her pack the second time.
There's a snow owl, a lynx, and a little bird who stays the winter and hopes to be fed.
Sled, mittens and a few other things. 

a magical little kit
here's my layouts using this

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

I better get going.. its almost time to get the evening meal going.. take care everyone... until next time

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Prince

Happy Monday all, another great weekend all over and done with.. 
I yours as been just as enjoyable as mine..
got the most fabulous new kit to show off.. I just loved playing with this beauty.. and had just the right pictures of my prince.

Little Prince
by Holliewood Studios
available @ Deviantscrap.

Hollie created this kit with my little prince in mind. Toys, imagination and a world of his own. 

my layouts 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

" My Little Prince For 2010" 

"Little Champion"

" Danger Keep Out"

Head over to Deviantscrap and get this kit.. theres so many awesome elements and papers. 

Ok.. I shall be back later on in the week.. take care till then.. mwah everyone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Japanese

Good afternoon.. bit late showing this one.. I am so sorry Heather.. been flat out like a lizard drinking here over the last couple of days.. and to top it off.. I have bad eyes.. ear aches.. I really should just go out and dig myself a hole.. bloody hell..             

   Just Japanese
           by Totally Wild Dezinez at Deviantscrap

a kit absolutely just full of goodies... dont forget to head over to Heathers blog  and pick up this freebie 

and my pages.

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

take care and shall be back again tomorrow afternoon..mwah

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Is A Coming

Good evening peeps.. LOL..LOL.. I got to stop doing that...
Joelle's brought out her last kit for the year.. and what a stunner this beauty is 

Christmas Past
by Joelle Designs
at scrappity-doo-dah.com

close up of some of the elements.. awesome job..

my pages 

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wonderful kit.. Joelle.. ok.. busy busy busy... so I'm going to head off.. but shall be back again tomorrow.. with another fantastic kit.. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ode To A Muse

Monday which means theres something new over at Deviantscrap... and what  a treat it is... 

Finecrafted Designs and Holliewood Studios have teamed up to create a whimsical kit as an Ode to one of their muses. 
 Based on the works of Maggie Taylor

I enjoyed working with this kit and with Maggie Taylors ideas was excellent to do something different.. and see outside the box.. 
Heres my pages and these are based on Maggies work 

"Bloody Australians" 


"Hippos Do Have Wings"

"Dog Gone"

 Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

I have the yawns something shocking I need to get my butt off this chair and have a bit of a move around before my nose hits the keyboard.. and lets see if I am this tired when its bed time.. pfffttt what a joke that is.

Had a top weekend started with heading up to Dunstan's for a couple of drinks Friday night ended up watching a top scary movie "Orphan" what a right bitch she was.. and OMG.. not one of us could take our eyes off the tv, I'm not usually one to just sit and watch tv but I must admit.. I loved that movie... thankyou for a great night.. 
The rest of the weekend was spent with family had my son and daughter with extras come for a barbie lunch.. was a awesome day... 
and yesterday I spent with mum and dad while Perry went out and caught us some fish in the boat... salmon last night.. and the best.. is tonight.. SQUID... yummmooooo... so I have been pretty well away from the computer.. just what the doctor ordered. 
Ok.. I shall be back tomorrow with another new kit.. 
Take care 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Holidays

This is going to be the quickest post in history... Perry's back from launceston and I am going to turn this computer off.. and spend some quality time.. ok.. I just want to take the night off.. from the computer... 

before I go I have a brand spanking new kit..Delmik Designs is back from her holidays.. with a gorgeous new kit.. just in time for the holidays... 

Happy Holidays
by Delmik Designs at sunflowerscrap.com

My pages 

"Our Christmas Gift"

 Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

 "His Joy"

Have a great weekend everyone... and keep safe.. shall be back next week with some new kits.. mwah xx