Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello.. everyone!!! hows things in your corner of the world??? It's New Years Eve here. I have had a few days off and putting my time to good use.. have been out in the garden.. pulling plants out trimming plants and the general clean up.. I think tomorrow I might just have to clean down the house I noticed the spider webs out the front.. I feel like the Adams family LOL What else.. spent a bit of time just on my own (which I dont mind) LOL.. and I think I might be finally caught up with my creative team commitments really have enjoyed my week off.. yayy.. even said to my next door neighbour.. that I could become accustomed to this sort of life.. she kindly reminded me that in another few months.. that I will have all the time in the world.. to do what I want.. as I will be loosing my job after 15 years of service at McCain Food.. going to be a sad time for us all that will be loosing our jobs.. shall keep you all posted about the happenings cause we do intend to give them a fight how dare them do this to us... sorry I got excited about it.. just thinking about it.. really gets me going.. Mongrels.

ok.. on a good  note I have a new kit to show off.. and what a beauty it is.. its for all of your new year pics ... LOL...

by NBK Designs


My layouts using Nicole's fantastic kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery

it's a real fun fun .. kit..
not sure if anyone noticed but yep.. done it again.. nothing like a bit of a change on my blog.. I have used "Before The First Snow" by Lorie Davison this kit is fantastic.. honestly go and check it out my god.. theres so many different elements and the papers are to die for.. lovely job Lorie.. your work is gorgeous... I'm pretty impressed with it.. :)

I hope you and your families have a wonderful new year and stay safe over the festive season, thankyou for your support with my blog and any kind comments thats been left behind., shall catch up again in 2010
take care xxx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Goodaye everyone,
I have just popped in to say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year to you and your families, It's christmas eve here in Tasmania waiting for the big red man to arrive tonight.. and give out his pressies... I think I am ready if not.. well to bad really !!!

I have a couple of layouts to show you that I have done over the last couple of days...
by  Lorie Davison

Click Here to my DST Gallery

by Lily Designs 

Click Here to my DST Gallery

by  Lily Designs

Click Here to my DST Gallery 
theres some gorgeous kits here.. can't wait to reuse them again.. real soon... I hope you like them!!!
Ok.. well my sweets I better get off here and go and do some more before perry gets home.. might sit and have a couple of drinks tonight...

take care once again.. stay safe and shall catch up again in a few days.. xxxx 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

fantastic new kit!!

HI one and all.. saturday evening here.. I am doing a quick post tonight.. want to go and spend some time outside while we have some nice weather..LOL..

I have a gorgeous gorgeous new kit to show off to you.. think you will love this one also.. its divine
By Glamfairy

My Layouts using this fantastic gorgeous kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery
You can use this kit over and over and never get sick of it... Thankyou Glam Fairy you have done well.. :) 

I shall catch up again in a couple of days until then.. be good.. and stay safe... xxx

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another New Kit

Good afternoon everyone!! I have been and seen my mum and dad yesterday like I said I was going to, seen them again today over in their little camp, had to go over to Stanley and pick my son up they have finally came in from sea.. nice to have him home safely bet you cant guess what we are having for our meal tonight?.. LOL..LOL..

I have a little masculine kit  here to show you.. it's a fantastic kit to use

"100% Boy"
by Rena Designs

my layout using this boyish kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery

fantastic kit Rena.. a lot of possibilities using this ..:)
I hope everyone is doing well this week.. shall catch up.. hopefully tomorrow night need to go and spend some quality time with Kurt... be good!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Secret Woodland Kit"

Howdy everyone!! I know--, I know--,Oh  I know-, I have been a slacker with blogging haven't I???
Sorry my hearts just not been into scrapping nor blogging.. I don't know what it is about this time of the year.. but I do struggle with it..  I think I might need a mum and dad fix.. they are camping at the moment havent seen them for a few days, which for me is very unusual. Ok.. that's it.. I am going to pop and see them tomorrow. LOOK OUT mum and dad...I will be seeing you both soon xxx

I have a new kit (bit late sorry rena) to show you !!!!

by Rena Designs

Theres some gorgeous shades of colours in this kit

and my layout using rena's fantastic kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery 

I see Rena's got a bit of a contest happening on her blog
go check it out. .you could just win one of the Quick pages.. 
  and she's also got a freebie going .. check this out!!

now that is a beautiful quick page Rena well done


now theres something you can not go past.. get over to Sunflower Scrap and see Rena's goodies.. you have until the 17th of December..
ok my sweets I have to get going Perrys just got home from work.. I best go and get the man something to eat.. or I might just end up in divorce until next time.. take care and stay safe .. xxx

Friday, December 11, 2009

boy oh boy

Friday night here in Tasmania, yippeeee... just sitting here waiting to see if our Mr and Mrs Dunstan and the kidlets are calling in here ???? 

  I have just had my little grandson here to visit.. me for the last few hours.. oh he's a gorgeous little sausage, he's crawling around and getting into everything.. keeping me on the move I know that.. .. LOL.. they grow so so fast..

 I have a gorgeous kit to show off.. you are going to love the colours in this..

by SheDevil's Designs


my layout using this gorgeous kit...

Click Here to my DST Gallery

you must admit these colours are fantastic... !!!!  well I am not sure if the Dunstans are on their way or not.. but I think I might go and jump in the shower... its been a very long day... Hope to catch up tomorrow  sometime.. stay safe where every you may be..!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

gorgeous new kit

good evening.., how's everyone ??? I'm doing well tonight... scrapping flat out.. and loving it.. LOL LOL LOL
 I just had a phone call from my son who is out at sea.. fishing.. I think he's missing his mummy.. and daddy.. he just keeps ringing and telling us he loves us... ( thats so sweet) . LOL.. been out there for ten days.. and still have five more to go.. they have docked in at King Island ( a little Island that is in Bass Strait between Tasmania and the Main Land Australia) for the night.. look out King Island.. LOL.. was good to hear his voice...

I have a gorgeous new kit to show off.. In black, white and reach pink! It`s "Chic".

by MaryPop Designs

And free bonus:

love that rich bright pink... gorgeous colours.. what do you think of Mary's new kit????

my layouts using this girly girl kit..

Click here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery

sweet kit Mary!  you have done well.. Ok.. well this black duck is heading off.. wont be long and it will be Friday.. YIPPPEEEE!!!! sleep in.. 4.45am comes around to fast.. . hope to catch up tomorrow evening take care where every you are in the world.. xxx    night night

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This Golden Christmas Night Kit

hi all, I have a gorgeous new kit to show off.. it's a wonderful kit with special Bling-Bling, in gold and red for all your christmas layouts!

This Golden Christmas Night
by Tempus fugit

my layouts using this gorgeous christmas कित

Click Here to my DST Gallery

I hope your days or night is going well for you.. personally I am ready for bed once again.. its so cold here today.. what happened to our summer... it's like winter out there today... anyway.. again take care.. and I shall catch up again.. tomorrow.. night night..!!!

goodnight one and all.. xx

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Kit and Freebie

Hello... quickly showing another new kit.. gorgeous christmas kit to use on all those new christmas photos.. later on.. LOL..
by Rena Designs

and I see on Rena's blog she's got a freebie

my layouts using Renas Christmas Kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Sorry I am on the run.. but time is running out for me today.. its 7.00pm here.. I am half way through cleaning my oven, I need to have a shower  my tea and bed.. take care where ever you are..