Monday, February 22, 2010

Please Spring Come

Good evening everyone!!!

Check this out..  its fresh pastel colours You will be amazed with the 71 gorgeous and detailed elements,11 patterned papers are just beautiful     

"Please Spring Come"
by NBK Designs
            Nicole is offering on her blog and cluster frame.. free.. 
My pages using "Please Spring Come"
  Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
unable to stay sorry.. but its getting late and I need to get to bed.. work early in the morning.. shall be back tomorrow arvo.. for another new kit.. 
goodnight.. from Tasmania... xxx   

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Mysterious garden"

Hello, it's another day here and things are moving on... :).. thankyou ladies for your support .. you know who you

I have something to show
by Melancolie Designs 
You need to go over and grab the freebie off Melancoli's Blog

Melancolie is running a challenge.. check it out..

full of fun... !!! 
Here are my pages using her new kit " Mysterious Garden"
GSO from the gorgeous Jimena (thankyou xx)

 Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
enjoy your day/night and stay safe I shall catch you all later on... 

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Music is the Key to my Heart"

Hi all,
I am a bit disappointed with a few people here in the scrapping world.. I learnt that there is a few that think that they can judge what is the right and wrong way (style) of scrapping a page.. I just cant believe that anyones got the right to do that.. is there a right and is there a wrong????? .. personally I feel it really doesnt matter.. each to their own...

I do not intend to change my scrapping style.. NEVER not until I feel that I need to.. not just because someone says I have too.
These comments have really blown me away.. I didnt realize that this sort of thing was happening..
 I am proud with my pages that I compose each one is a way of expressing myself and such great therapy I'm sorry ladies but you can rant and rave all you want.. but my pages are here to stay.
 I have a new kit  to show off.. and another couple of pages..

"Music is the Key to my Heart"
  by Rena & BlackCat Designs
 My layouts using "Music is the Key to my Heart"
Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

 I would like to thank you all that have been leaving lovely comments in my gallery really means so much to me and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that you like my work so much, xxx to you all...
Have a great day/night where ever you are in this world...
until later... xxx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Oriental Treasures"

Goodaye... I have something to show you...!!!
"Oriental Treasures" 
by Lara's Digi World and Hawra (Collab)
Oriental Treasures kit is a collaboration that was made with her schoolmate Linda aka Hawra. She is a belly dancer and she came up with a wonderful idea to create a kit like that.

The kit is full of exotic beauties and hidden treasures of the Orient.

All over 120 shining elements - flowers, frames, hand-drawn doodles, swirls, 3 masks, lower case alpha with numbers and some punctuation and other little treasures with 25 papers were inspired by the culture of the Near East and the Northern Africa. Matching clusters created from the kit, quickpages and clipping masks are also available. Don ´t forget to check them out too!!! 
Heres my pages using this exotic kit
 Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
very rich colours.. until later.. stay safe.. and thanks for looking

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonderland "My Way"

Hi all... hows everyone... I've  been missing for a couple of days.. sorry about that.. but man.. have I been flat out...

I got to see my bested (dont think its a word) friend on Sunday, had a bit of a sook.. but was so so good.. and lots of fun.. getting together and spending the afternoon all together... I have promised her when I finish work this year I will be straight over to her for a week or so... we have so so much to talk about.. I love her so much... safe trip back home Lisa my sweet...xxxx
I came home from work early this morning.. 11.30am .. to give a missing person a call... Tara aka Tarty00 talked for almost 4 hours, and love it!!! you know how special you are my sweet.. xxxxx
Have you all noticed a spectacular layouts hitting the galleries.. here's the kit..

by Joelle Designs  
visit Joelle's blog you will find the Queen of Hearts "My Way" as blog freebie
Or how about  the incredible Mad Hatter! In 4 different poses
go over and check out Joelle's blog and grab these freebies.
There are also extra's you can purchase for your Layouts
Scene papers
 Joelle's talent just blows me away and to work with this kit.. your ideas will flow with in minutes of opening up the file.. LOL... she's offering so much in this kit

Heres my layouts using this awesome kit..
 Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
 ok.. I better move it... I have been awake since 3.00am.. and my eyes are hanging out of my head... I wish you all a excellent day/night where ever you are in the world.. and will pop back tomorrow hopefully with another new kit... xxxxx

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Love Letter"

A gorgeous new kit to show off.. wow.. something different for valentines instead of being the red or pink colours this one is soft blues and pinks...

"Love Letter"
by MaryPop Designs
its certainly different with colours.. but so lovely for those love pics...
she's also offering in the shop.. a few  quick pages.
Head over to Mary's blog she's got a couple of freebies there for you to grab
 Blog template:
...and quickpage:
 My layouts using "Love Letter" 
Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
I hope your weekends going to be a blast.. I have one more sleep then I get to see my special friend.. and cant wait... probably will be some tears.. but they will soon go.. 
until next time take care my sweets.. !!! xx

Friday, February 12, 2010

"Purple Parade"

Good evening, Friday night is finally here... Yippeeee... !!!! I have been a bit of a slacker .today . whoops.. haven't even opened Photoshop .. tsk tsk tsk.. but tomorrow is another day.. hopefully shall be able to design a page 
I have spent a bit of time in DST looking through different galleries.. and OMG.. wow... there is so many outstanding pages, well done to all you ladies ... most of them just take my breath away..
the new kit tonight that I am going to show it's been out for a couple days.. sorry but for some reason I missed putting this one up...
by  Marta Designs and Celine Designs Collab Kit
Head over to Marta's Blog.. and grab these freebies that she's offered..
absolutely wonderful freebies thankyou Marta and Celine
my pages that I have made using  "Purple Parade"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)
I hope your night/day is going really well for you.. until tomorrow.. take care..