Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pixie Wingz and Devilish Wingz

Wednesday already wow.. the weeks are flying by. How is everyone going its still wet and cold here in Tassie, even snowing in some parts.. I think mother natures trying to be funny.. she's the only one laughing I bet. LOL

I have a couple of things to show off tonight..
from TotallyWild dezinez over @ Deviantscrap 

Love your creations Heather.

and my pages using these awesome wingz

The first one is a Rak for tarty00 and her gorgeous little Lily 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

I couldn't help but do this one.. 
ok I better keep going got a thousand and one things to do tonight although not sure just how much is going to get done as I can feel this headache coming back again.. totally over them.. until next time.. stay safe be good.. mwah

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ATC - Set 5

Good evening peeps... !!! I hope if you are here in Tassie that nothing frozen off just god.. it's so freezing out there.. and the hail storms that have come across... OMG and so windy.. I'm a bit over this poxy weather.. bring on that heat.. yayyyy....

I have something new from Hollie..over at Deviantscrap.. I love her stuff to bits...  check this out..

ATC Set 5

my page using this 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits

and I shall be back tomorrow afternoon.. with some more new things....
until then.. keep warm.. or cool.. where ever you are in the world.. take care 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boo To You!!!!

Hello.. look at this fun kit I have here.. from the gorgeous Dani (Highfour Designs) available @ Deviantscrap
she's done a truly brilliant job with this kit.. wow.. lots of fun

The Kit contains more then 50 elements saved in png files and 
9 jpg files each 12''x12'' for papers. 
Everything is created at 300dpi. 

first 3 days -20% off!!

my pages 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

right.. its been one of them days.. gone flat out all day.. and guess what.. cant see a thing I have done.. great...

And the football OMG..we have to have the final once more.. because it was a draw, I dont think I can handle another day like Saturday.. OMG.. to full on.. 
NAHHH I loved it.. this week.. the house is going to be decked out in black, red, and white. We did have a great night with the dunstans though.. was a top top night.. and all I can say is never ever again... am I going to drink 

Thankyou Tara and Dunno... was a top night..xxxx 

shall be back tomorrow.. with some more.. goodies.. mwah..

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Couple of Newbies..

I have  a couple of things to show off here... wit a wheel... I am in love.. with these... wow..

 includes 10 scenic papers for your art and scrapbooking. 

this isnt loaded in my galleries yet.. 

And I see it's almost time again for the traditional Halloween for the Americans.. and Hollie's brought out a kit just for the occasion LOL lots of scary stuff 

What a huge full kit and that spider.. ewwwww.. shudder shudder

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits 

take care everyone.. and I shall be back in a few days.. :) 

Butterfly Dreams

Monday.. don't you just love Mondays... ???? well personally makes no difference to me what so ever.. sniggle sniggle..

just take a look at the colours in the wings of these butterflys wow these are made from TotallyWild dezinez... over @ Deviantscrap

Jazz up a frame, or add to a Scrap LO or mixed media ATC or simply use the brushes on a background..

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

Oh.. I took it upon myself to have some fun in photoshop the other night.. LOL... 

I love the black and white with a touch of green.. sort of gives off a great effect I thought.. any way that was my bit of nonsense for the night :)

I shall be back real soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Near The Big Oak

Good afternoon.. one and all.. Tuesday already OMG.. I honestly can not keep up with the days at the moment.. so much on.. (but loving it) 

I have a gorgeous new kit to show off again today this one is fantastic.. take a look 

Near the big oak  by Joelle Designsavailable @

On sale for a short time

and my pages 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

awesome kit.. 
I wont be back for a few days.. hope you are all doing well in your part of the world.. and life's treating you well :)

catch yas in a few days .. mwah 

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Country Life kit and a goodbye.. :(

Happy Friday.. yayyyy.. !!! time to spend with family and friends time.. I dont know where the days are going be buggered if I do.. I cant keep up with them ..LOL..LOL... wont be long.. and the white bearded old man will be heading our way.. (oh god) 
Went to the chemist today and ended up buying some medicines for my flu (I dont do medicines  usually) its the worse tasting shit I have ever tasted actually almost the worse.. LOL..LOL.. but even though I have only had 2 goes at it .. its doing its thing.. my cough is starting to get less as the days gone on.. and starting to feel better in myself as well..

Any way.. I'm here to show the newest kit of Shayarka Designs  today this is my last day with her in her ct as my time is now up as guest.. thankyou once again for having me and I have enjoyed working with your designs and will continue to do so in the future.. :)

A Country Life 
by Shayarka Designs

so easy to design pages out of this kit.. I could have kept going and going.. 
here's the ones I have completed.. :)

Rak -Jaz Tarty00's oldest daughter

and the next 2 are of her youngest daughter Lily 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

Not sure whats in store for this weekend.. but I think Taite is on his way out for a sleep over tonight.. :)

ok everyone.. dont think I will be back until next week.. so while I'm away you all take care and stay safe.. mwah .. xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dried Nature

Hi everyone,  heres a new kit from Kimla Designs over at

and heres my page
Link to my DST Gallery for full credits

I'm a little short today blogging.. I still have the flu and dont feel good at all.. hopefully I can shake this off soon.. 
have a great afternoon.. and I shall be back tomorrow afternoon with a new kit.. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

TotallyWild Dezinez new kit.. and CT Call

Happy Monday everyone.. I'm as crook as a dog.. I have.. the flu.. my bones are aching.. skin is crawling.. and feel really shitty tonight... yesterday my throat felt like I was swallowing razor blades.. I shouldn't carry on to much.. as I think I have only had the flu once.. this year.. 

Now as you can see.. Totallywild Dezinez is having a Creative Team Call.. 
head over to her Blog TotallyWild dezinez and check out whats needed.. and I'm telling you.. its a lot of fun on this CT hahaha we are all like made cows over there.

I want to wish you luck Heather.. on your CT Call 

Also Heathers got some new stuff out in the shop over at  DeviantScrap.. 
check this out!

so many gorgeous flowers.. love the kangroo paws .. awesome petals.
my rak for tarty00 and Lily girl..

paper, book and rock by enchanted collab @ scrapbookgraphics

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits

cant wait to see what else Heathers going to bring out.. 
I best keep moving.. I have been at the computer all day and still only got half the stuff done that I wanted to get completed today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is in the air

Goodaye.bit late here tonight been a full on day.. but loved every moment of it.. LOL.
I have a new kit to show off.. 

by High Four Designs
@ 9th & Bloom in September.

awesome little creatures hanging around the forest.. LOL..LOL.. 
heres my page using Autumn In The Forest
Link to my DST Gallery for full credits
Dani is guesting over @ 9th & Bloom for this month.. congratulations Dani
right I best keep going.. its almost time for bed.. I'm a bit buggered after my full on day... hopefully shall be back in a day or so.. 
Stay safe.. be good.. mwah