Monday, August 30, 2010

TotallyWild Dezinez

Bad Girl Bad Girl!!! whoops havent been blogging have I ? I have no excuse other than just being plain lazy. 

I have some wonderful little products to show by the awesome designer TotallyWild Dezinez over at Deviantscrap

Fabric Blend Paper Pack

excellent packs. Head over and check out TotallyWild dezinez
heres a page with most of the new things 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits

look at that cute little cheeky smiley face.. he's just so gorgeous 

Ok.. peeps.. I shall be back tomorrow with some more new stuff.. hopefully unless something goes wrong again in one of the shops.. and I cant put my pages up..but heres hoping... 

I hope everyones doing well... catch yas tomorrow.. mwah

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Final Kit

Goodaye everyone I have popped in to show everyone this new kit thats just hit the store over at  this kit is just full of magic... don't miss it..head over.. check it out 
by Joelle and Downunder Studios (tara dunstan)

by Downunder Studios (Tara)
this kit is so magical and all elements are wowoowww!!!
my pages using this gorgeous kit 
Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)
I hope to be back in a couple of days time with some more new kits... 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Pixel's Party

wow.. she's bucketing down here at the moment.. might have to go and get our boat and sit it in the driveway just incase we need to use it.. I am over this rain

Today I have a sweet collab kit the gorgeous joelle and her daughter have come together to design this party kit.. Joelles daughter turned the big 9 years old.. wow.. 
I wish you a happy birthday and hope you got your wishes.. 

Little Pixels Party
available from

my pages are RAKs the first one is for  Natalia and her gorgeous little daughter sofia

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

and the second page is for Tara lee.. with her gorgeous little one Lily Anne

I shall catch up again in a few days time.. so until then take care.. be good.. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Farm (Mini Kit) - Lottery Ticket by High Four Designs

I found my way back .. sorry everyone but lifes been a bit flat out for me over the last week or more.. I had been ill, down to Hobart with my parents again.. and finally I think I'm starting to find my mojo or something like that.. LOL..LOL 

this is the most cutes little farming kit I have come across.. heres my layouts using this mini kit

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

the pics are of Taite my grandson.. honestly I just cant help but scrap him these days.. he's just so damn cute.. 
You can grab Danni's little Mini Kit over at DeviantScrap because if you do.. WOW! 

By purchasing this Lottery Ticket you will be automatically entered in a chance to win access to High Four Designs  store for an entire year!

Be sure to grab this now while you can. at August 31th is the end of the lottery. Then the product will be sold without a lottery ticket!!!

IMPORTANT: Daniela is asking please do not use coupons when purchasing this item. If a coupon is used, your entry will be disqualified.

now thats exciting.. done waste time.. head over.. and purchase this kit.. and be in the running... 

I shall be back tomorrow.. I think.. so until then.. be good.. and catch yas later.. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The last Few Days

well my god what a week this as been... I am still getting over this stomach wog that someone so nicely gave me this week.. I cant believe someone can be so sore I feel like I have broken every rib in my body.. just the slightest move and it just grabs all my muscles.. thats from being sick.. did I say thankyou to that certain someone or somebody's ?

Anyway its late here tonight its 11.25pm and I have to be up nice and early in the morning heading down to Hobart again with dad.. he's having another stint put into his other leg .. I have taken my little tablet ready for the trip.. so anytime now.. I should start getting into the no zoning state.. LOL..LOL.. so if this starts to not make sense.. I will say in advance.. WHOOOPSSSS!! 

Deep In The Forest
by Starlight Designs
available @ Shabby Pickle 

My layouts 
This is a Rak for Tara (tarty00) and Lily girl. 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

and a Rak for Natalka and her gorgeous little daughter Sofia

I hope you are all having a great weekend and I shall catch up once I get back from Hobart.. stay safe where ever you may be in this world.. mwah

Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven Seas

evening everyone. not sticking around tonight sorry.. got a stomach wog and its taking all my might just to do this.. but I do hope you are all doing well no matter where you are
I have a bit of news Kimla Designs is guest spotting over at Ninth and Bloom

Two freebies for all of you, over here  LINK

my layouts

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

and this next one is for Magda and her gorgeous little boy Eryk 

Ok I'm off here and shall be for a few days so until then take care xx

Monday, August 2, 2010


Goodaye!!! Oh.. I do feel that I have neglected everyone over the last couple of weeks.. but honestly have no choice in the matter what so ever.. my speed is again back up for how long who knows.. :(

Well I have just spent most of the day with two scrapping buddies.. yep.. the one and only (thankgod theres only one) miss Tara Dunstan (tarty00) and the miss Natalie Bird (natalie3son) I think Nat was the only one that done any scrapping tara and myself lazed around all over the couch sunning ourselves like a pair of lizzards in the sun.. Lots of laughs was a top day again.. thankyou for including me into your day.. and most of all.. nice to meet Nat.. its great to meet someone that you have been a part of a ct together wow.. !!so

Now to show off this gorgeous new kit.. 

Rascals by High Four Designs

My Layouts

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

and this next one is for Magda and her gorgeous little boy Eryk 

this is a awesome kit full of fun kids stuff... 
Ok.. my sweets its time for me to go and get some jobs done before its time to start cooking the evening meal  oh the joys of being a house wife.. :). 
until next time stay safe and be good.. mwah