Thursday, November 4, 2010

Messy Masks

Hello Hello Hello.. what a top afternoon its been here.. wow.. summer..??? finally made it.. pffftttt.. lets not get to excited about the whole thing.. tomorrow it could just be raining its guts out here.. LOL
I've had such a wonderful couple of days.. my son and his girlfriend came home for a couple of days.. and I must say wow.. he's finally growing into a man... he's gave us a bit of strife since he turned 16 but just going onto 20 and he's finally starting to see the light... wow.. I'm so proud of you kurt... xxx 
Heather from TotallyWild dezinez just brought out some awesome masks... check these out !!

Messy Masks
by TotallyWild Dezinez

my pages using her awesome masks.. I love using these

"Let the fun begin"
Scarry Night by SussieM 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

"My Sweet"
Wedding Memories by Lily Designs

They certainly have that grungy feel to them.. fits any page... head over and check em out.. best keep going.. and go out and check the cooking.. or we might just end up with a burnt tea.. OH DEAR.. Hope to be back again tomorrow.. until then take care.. 

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