Sunday, September 6, 2009


Well I bet no-one thought I would be this fast back here to blog!!! don't worry I didn't neither..LOL LOL but I have a little bit of excitement happening guess what I have done... .. YAYY

I have completed my very first Quick Page, for you all to pick up. I hope you enjoy it !!!

Credits to my good friend miss Tara Dunstan for letting me use her gorgeous designs, keep your eye out on Tara's blog because she will be putting up her kits for FREE, the design that I used is called tdd-midnightlace-

** LiFe **

to grab this freebie CLICK HERE

Enjoy everyone hope you love it!!!!!

wow I finally have done it... there will be more so please keep your eye out here.. let me know what you think I Love to hear your comments.. xxx

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