Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello.. everyone!!! hows things in your corner of the world??? It's New Years Eve here. I have had a few days off and putting my time to good use.. have been out in the garden.. pulling plants out trimming plants and the general clean up.. I think tomorrow I might just have to clean down the house I noticed the spider webs out the front.. I feel like the Adams family LOL What else.. spent a bit of time just on my own (which I dont mind) LOL.. and I think I might be finally caught up with my creative team commitments really have enjoyed my week off.. yayy.. even said to my next door neighbour.. that I could become accustomed to this sort of life.. she kindly reminded me that in another few months.. that I will have all the time in the world.. to do what I want.. as I will be loosing my job after 15 years of service at McCain Food.. going to be a sad time for us all that will be loosing our jobs.. shall keep you all posted about the happenings cause we do intend to give them a fight how dare them do this to us... sorry I got excited about it.. just thinking about it.. really gets me going.. Mongrels.

ok.. on a good  note I have a new kit to show off.. and what a beauty it is.. its for all of your new year pics ... LOL...

by NBK Designs


My layouts using Nicole's fantastic kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery

Click Here to my DST Gallery

it's a real fun fun .. kit..
not sure if anyone noticed but yep.. done it again.. nothing like a bit of a change on my blog.. I have used "Before The First Snow" by Lorie Davison this kit is fantastic.. honestly go and check it out my god.. theres so many different elements and the papers are to die for.. lovely job Lorie.. your work is gorgeous... I'm pretty impressed with it.. :)

I hope you and your families have a wonderful new year and stay safe over the festive season, thankyou for your support with my blog and any kind comments thats been left behind., shall catch up again in 2010
take care xxx


  1. Beautiful kit and absolutely stunning layouts! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I wish for you a Happy New Year. It sounds like there may be some challenges in the year ahead for you. I'd like to share this quote my Dad use to share with me when I was frustrated by life's curve balls...

    "When God closes a door He opens a window."

    I've heard it in many different versions over the year but the general meaning is the same. When life changes happen don't close your eyes because you may miss the very opportunity that was meant to be.

  2. oh.. that is so beautiful thankyou for your kind words.. got a bit choked up in the throat. reading your comment...
    shall keep that in mind.. xx

  3. beautiful!!! And I wish you to Happy New Year!