Thursday, December 3, 2009

Howdy,..hows your week going??? mine is almost finished..

I had a play last night with a kit from Lily Designs.. my god she's a fantasticdesigner .. I have so many favorite designers at the moment theres now way I could pick just one.. anyway here's the one I completed last night

by Lily Designs

Click Here to my DST Gallery

I have to admit I am pretty proud of this one.. personally even I think it's gorgeous.. LOL..

Noticed I even got GSO over at DigishopTalk thankyou Madgentis

I wonder where summer's gone.. damn rain and so cold here tonight..give me the heat!!! I best go and do a bit more.. 

not sure if I will make it back tomorrow aftternoon.. but if not stay safe be good.. LOL...LOL.. (means you to Tara)


  1. Ohhhh I hate being good, you know that!!! LOL! But stiff shit to me cause I HAVE to be good for another year and a half. YAYYY 6 months GONE. ROFLMFAO!

    I am only on here quickly before I hit my bed and maybe the dunny again and bed and then dunny again I reckon!! DON'T go to Jules Cafe in a hurry. OMG I can't stop spewing my guts up. The girls are ok so maybe it's a mixture of the Mother drink I had. YES I know I know but I needed a pick me up and some fatty junk food and am I paying for it now. Man!!!!

    Ok will catch ya tomorrow when you finish work Mrs Horton. I need either the dunny or my bed. LOL!


  2. Shit I forgot to say, very gorgeous page too Horton hears a Who!!! ROFL! Aghhhhh I hate feeling CROOK!!!! LOL!