Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 weeks.. till christmas.. OMG!

good evening... hows everyone today ???? again .. cant wait for bed tonight, was awake again early this morning.. my god.. I think my body clocks a bit mucked up.. 3.00am, 4.30am.. finally got up at 5.00am.. I just couldn't stay there any longer..

  I finally got to have a little play this arvo with other kits that I have purchased YAYY!!! and to go with my blog design I choose to have a play with SussieM Designs Candy B day

Click Here to my DST Gallery

 damn gorgeous kit that.. I could play with that one for hours.. thankyou SussieM Designs are kits are divine!!!

I noticed tonight.. there's only 3 weeks until Christmas.. wow.. where's the year gone??? I haven't started Christmas shopping yet.. like every year..I will leave it to the last 2 days then run like a bat out of hell... trying to get things sorted out...( I love pressure) LOL..LOL.. not sure what we are doing yet for Christmas.. but I am sure something will be worked out before the day!!

right.. well this little black duck.. best get marching to bed or it's going to be time for work once again... shall return tomorrow night with another layout used for another purchase kit.. from one of my favorite  designers of all time.. can you guess who this could be...???? 

stay safe where ever you and your love ones are in the world..xx

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