Thursday, January 7, 2010

Appetite for love and freebies

Good aye everyone..
   I am a bit late blogging tonight.. had a bit of a sooky la la day today.. I had to take my best friend Tiny to the vets today she's had a lump under her right eye for the last 2 days and was getting bigger.. we took her to get checked out seems its a abscess they did drain it but we have to flush it out once a day until it looks better (if it does clear up).. but then the vet told me that Tiny also will go blind and she's got a heart murmur, well. that was like a kick to me.. she's like one of my kids I waited till I was on my way home I looked at her whom was looking at me .. and I cried all the way home.. here's a picture of Tiny a few years ago now.. but she looks the same.. she's just gorgeous.. will keep you informed of her progress..

I have another new kit 
by Marta Designs


And a free QP over on Marta's Blog.. hop over and grab it .. but leave some lovin for her.

I do love that quick page.. wow fantastic..

 my layouts using this brilliant kit

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

fantastic kit.. with colours of white,red and green.. head over to digital creations .. and see what else is about 

not sure if I will be around tomorrow  heading up to Devonport.. one of our dearest oldest friends father passed away on Boxing Day.. so we have the funeral to go to.. I know that Perry's going to find it tough as its only been a couple of months since his father died.. but I know he will find the strength to be supportive for his mate..

I better head off to bed.. it's been a long day.. 

So where ever you are in the world.. take care, love each other and be good.. :)..

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  1. What a sad newes......I can imagine how painful it is those informations. I hope that your love will help her.

    and your pages are really beautiful

    take care