Thursday, January 21, 2010


Lost and not found... anyone seen my mojo???? I am about to hit my head on the wall.. HELP!!! I wonder why we end up loosing our creative streak any one know??? and DST honestly talk about frustrating,  I miss not been able to leave my comments around in the gallery.. those people that hack into sites.. honestly " get a damn life" they spoil it for everyone..
I have had my massage for this week.. wasnt to bad.. but holy cow I am feeling the after effects.. I didnt see that truck.. that hit me.. LOL.. (thats how I am feeling)
I just had my special little man out.. My god he's growing so fast.. his little face lights up so much when he sees perry, he's now got 3 teeth and crawling flat out and loves to be chased, and playing peek a boo. I must get some up to date pics and show you just how cute Taite is... he's just gorgeous.. :).. a bit carried away actually I am buying time I have layouts to complete but I know once I open up Ps my mojo just isnt going to be there.. sob sob sob..

new kit to show off.. here ...............................
By Rena

 here's my pages using "Baby Boy"

Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

soft blues, whites.. gorgeous kit Rena 

I need to get Ps open and get creating.. so.. I shall catch you tomorrow afternoon.. take care.. xxx


  1. Beautiful layouts, great blend! Horrible when Mojo leaves us isn't it, been struggling with my design mojo aswell, hope I am tip top soon!! sending some inspiration your way, Mojo's are naughty when they misbehave, all i can suggest is maybe they are male, as I can't explain them!! Hope you get to post the photos aswell :) Hugs Rachel

  2. LOL Your pages are looking great Tracey Lee! Ya mojo's working fine missy! LOL!

    Dunno ran into Sammy Lee and Taitey Tot at the servo after she left your house and he was raving on about Taite for HOURS! LOL! Taitey gave him a cheeky grin and it melted his heart. hehehehehe! And OMG Tara he has grown so much. LOL LOL! Bloody cute when males do that hey!!! hehehehehe!

    We ended up friggen in Stanley tonight squidding and only getting 2. Well Dunno got 2, I got none. LOL! I was planning on scrapping this arvo but NOOOOOOOO. LOL! I have to get dragged out of the house AGAIN! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Ok better think about bed seems it's 12.05am. LOL! We have to catch up soon! Whatcha's up to over the long weekend? Yayyy it's a long weekend and the children are ALL DUNNO'S! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  3. Oh and I forgot to say, OMFG I am sick of DST dropping out on me when I hit send on a bloody post. Grrrrrrrrrrr. LOL! They should have it fixed by now but nooooo. LOL LOL!

    Ok whine over for the moment. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  4. Thank for visiting my blog. I love your layouts.