Friday, January 29, 2010

"Ocean Breeze"

Good evening everyone.. Friday night here, Yayy weekend. Not sure what the weekend got installed guess in time I will find out.

Had Samantha and little Taite here this afternoon.. little character that he is.. he was sitting on the floor clapping hands and fair singing out.. I think I might have taught him that..LOL..LOL.. love watching him grow.. its excellent being a grandmother..
Another day gone by and no scrapping done again.. tsk tsk tsk.. I came home today from work.. and layed on my bed.. for a so called 5 mins rest.. and a 1 and a half hours later.. I stirred I made myself get up as I had to put a chicken into the oven.. I think I might still be there if I hadnt had to do that..:) I hate massage days.. :(
New kit again tonight..
by Melancolie

my pages using "Ocean Breeze"
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gorgeous summery Kit to use with those gorgeous summery pics.. 

I better get going.. I just got vistors for a quick drinkies ..LOL.. it's Friday.. LOL
I hope your end of the week goes smoothly like mine did.. and I shall catch you in a couple of days..
Keep safe you and your families.. xx

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  1. Hey Booger Butt. ROFL! Yep, I am in a stupid mood here. LOL! Might be the full moon or the midnight madness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I happen to have a blog award awaiting for you on my blog Darling:

    LOL! Awesome pages here too Horty!! Love em!!

    Hope ya having a great night.

    Mwahhhhhh xoxoxoxo