Tuesday, February 2, 2010

catch up game :)

Good thing I have black tea.. its so windy here today.. and it would blow the milk straight out of the cup..LOL..
 I have to tell you what happened to me on the way home.... I was driving singing my head off with P!nk.. la la la... and on the road there was this huge (shudder shudder) snake.. I dont know what sort it was.. something tells me it would have to be a big huge Tiger Snake.. well.. the singing stopped and I am looking in the revision mirror watching him slide to the other side of the road.. and the whole time saying to myself.. OMG snake.. OMG OMG OMG... ... the hairs on my neck are still standing up with the thought of it... it happened so fast.. (I wasnt speeding :) ) but he got away the slippery little sucker... ewwww I hate snakes...  I must keep my eye out here.. as I have a pond.. and the snakes would be getting around now looking for water seeing its so dry...  ewwwww  snakes... :)

I have so many layouts to show.. not sure where to start..

Albina's accepted me onto her gorgeous Creative Team... Yayy thankyou so much!  and my first layout using her gorgeous new kit..

by Albina 

My pages using "Happy Elephant"

Link to my Oscraps Gallery if you want a closer look..:)

and another new kit 
by Marta Designs
and heres my pages using "Never Ending Story"
Link to my Oscraps Gallery if you want a closer look..:)

gorgeous kits... loved working with them... 
Was a bit worried Sunday night and yesterday.. there was a couple of fires here in Circular Head and one not far from my place it's a scary time with it being so dry.. was even getting embers blowing around in the air... I told perry we should start packing the car as it will take me a while to get the computer in the car.. he almost rolled around on the ground laughing at me.. but I was so serious...LOL. theres no smoke around today.. so I take it the firemen have them under control... they do a marvelous job.. thankyou !!! 

I better get going for now.. I have a few jobs I need to do before perry gets home.. and a couple of layouts to complete for a couple of my gorgeous designers.. xxx 

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