Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Pixel

Happy Hump day to the workers... LOL...LOL... sorry peoples I couldnt help it..

I have a special kit to show off tonight.. wow.. this girl is almost 9 years old.. and she's already designed her very own kit.. now isnt that talent...her mum is the one and only Joelle..aka Joelle Designs.. seems Kaith inherited her mothers talent.. check this out.
Perfect start
by Little Pixel

Only available here at SDD!
 kit contains:
10 papers
44 Elements

My page using Perfect Start

If you would like to see my DST Gallery Click here..

My first day home from being a retiree went well.. I had my daughter here for a few hours.. my hubby came home for lunch.. and then my mum and dad popped out for a hour or so.. to drop me off a feed of fish... yummm.... tomorrow nights tea... LOL..LOL tomorrow is full on.. might go and get a little bit pampered have my hair cut.. and then coloured.. yeah.. why not... 
Right I better push off and get another layout completed before it's bed time.. take care.. and shall be back tomorrow night.. NIGHT NIGHT!! mwah

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