Monday, July 19, 2010

behind the hill

Hello everyone, well she's all happening over at Deviant Scrap High Four Designs as brought out a new kit and also some little goodies to go with this new kit.. YAYYY!!
Something else is that Dani and her team are running a challenge dont for get to check this out.. loads of fun to be had :)

behind the hill 
by High Four Designs
available @ DeviantScrap

We have a very special Guest Call!

My pages 
these pages are Raks for Natalka and her gorgeous little daughter Sofia

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

I'm a bit behind this week, sorry to my designers but just hang in there.. I will get caught up sometime. 
We went away at the weekend to the footy (football is Australian Rules AFL)  up in Launceston which is around a 2 1/2hour drive from where we live. Had a great time.. 
Got back last night to find our 12 year old Tiny (dog) very very sick raced her straight to the vets and he informed us her heart is failing.. OMG.. both Perry and myself was sooo upset I was crying he was fighting to keep his tears back.. to hear those words come out of a vets mouth.. WOW.. I honestly cant tell you what it felt like. The vet then gave her a injection for the fluid on her lungs and a tabet and a capsule and told us to take her home keep her warm and very quiet...and to more than likely expect the worse.. :( all night I woke and thought OMG is she still with us .. well we gets up.. and tiny's running around... wagging her tail and so bright eyed..
  Took her back again this morning as the vet wanted to see her and he just shook his head and couldnt get over the difference in tiny God heard my prayer :) All they can do now is keep her on medication x3 per 2 times daily to make her comfortable but again was told her heart is failing and will slowly deteriorate but she could carry on with a full life it's just a matter of the time :( no one wants to say good bye to their loved ones even if they are canine :) every time I look at her I tear up.. life can be unfair at times 
So at the moment I'm having great difficulty in getting back into my digital art I need to keep my eye on her for the next week or so and make sure that the medication is doing the trick
Sorry to my designers but please be patient with me... 

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