Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pixie Wingz and Devilish Wingz

Wednesday already wow.. the weeks are flying by. How is everyone going its still wet and cold here in Tassie, even snowing in some parts.. I think mother natures trying to be funny.. she's the only one laughing I bet. LOL

I have a couple of things to show off tonight..
from TotallyWild dezinez over @ Deviantscrap 

Love your creations Heather.

and my pages using these awesome wingz

The first one is a Rak for tarty00 and her gorgeous little Lily 

Link to my DST Gallery for full credits (not all images are loaded into my gallery)

I couldn't help but do this one.. 
ok I better keep going got a thousand and one things to do tonight although not sure just how much is going to get done as I can feel this headache coming back again.. totally over them.. until next time.. stay safe be good.. mwah

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