Sunday, October 3, 2010


Good morning peeps hows things in your part of the world? 
We had our second Grand Final and finally got a winner.. ok.. it wasn't my team but at least its over.. I can now dry out.. LOL..LOL.. Had a great day with friends here drinking eating yelling swearing then sulking. Bloody aussies and their football. :) (LOVE IT)

I'm just doing a post this morning I wanted to tell you about the CT call from the gorgeous girl herself Daniela aka High Four Designs
her requirements are 
  • be loyal,friendly and a teamplayer
  • make 1-2 pages per kit
  • post it at day of release at DST, and one gallery of your choice and your blog if you have one
  • play praise game at DST
  • promote my stuff where it's possible
  • and the big one.... have a lot of fun 
now.. thats not hard is it.. get cracking and get emailing your details to will love CT-ing for her like we do.. she's a wonderful designer.. really down to earth.. easy to talk to .. and most of all.. a very caring person.. mwah

now that I have shared this with you all I best be making tracks. I have my kids coming home to spend the day with us.. and looking very forward to it.. seems months since we all have been together.... treasure your young family while they are home..the years just go far to fast.
stay safe be good... I shall be back tomorrow with some new goodies from my awesome designers.. Yayyyy!

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  1. oh thank you, I just sended email with my request, thank you