Monday, March 8, 2010

Fairy flight "part one" and a freebie!!!

Good Morning..
I have a magical sweet kit to show off to you!!! wow...
Joelle's imagination is running full steam for her .. she's decided to make 4 seasonal fairy kits and the first of the Fairy Flight series has just been released in her store at Scrappity-Doo-Dah!

 the heart of mother nature live the most beautiful tiny little creatures. Don't look for them! only those who really believe can see them if they are lucky.
Busy creatures these little ones! They need to get nature awake from a long deep sleep, All the flowers need to wake up to, and every tree needs tender care.
All the leaves falling on the ground, during autumn, needs to be cleaned up also.....
But when they finish their work, the winter king can sleep for a couple months........because then it's summer...
Fairy flight "part one"
This kit is full with magic!!
8 original papers (NO cu,)
52 magical elements
Like a fairy skirt, top and hat to dress up like a fairy
3 adorable little fairies
and much much more...
You will love it!!!
Check out the previews of this beauty..!!! you are going to love using this.. for those gorgeous fairy pages.
 Now what do you think of these... no commercial.. all made by Joelle herself... fantastic pages... wow.. Head over to Joelle's Blog she's got a freebie there for you to crab ... check it out..

My LO's using Fairy Flight
  Click Here to my DST Gallery (to get a closer look)

Pretty pleased with these.. considering the night sleep I have had.. and early morning.. Baby sat my gorgeous little grandson last night for the first time.. didnt get to sleep much.. every sound he made I was awake to hear... then he decided that nanny and poppy should get up at 5.00am this morning.. well I had news for him.. he finally dropped off to sleep again about 7.00am which apparently is normal so his mother says..LOL..LOL.. was gorgeous waking up and seeing these eyes peeping over at me.. and hearing nan nan nan.. just melts ones heart to pieces.. any way I stayed up and did some CT LO's still have more to do .. but will have to wait for the moment.. I have jobs to do today big time.. :( bummer.. 
I am slowly getting over this flu.. I certainly feel better today than saturday.. OMG.. its been a while since I have been like that.. hopefully thats the one and only I will have for this year.. LOL.. right.. wishful thinking 
We went and seen Sally yesterday.. she's doing well.. spent a few hours with her and the rest of her family .. was wonderful.. just having that one on one time.. she knows how much with love them.. and certainly are here for them any time.. day or night.. 
There was more tragedy here in our little home town yesterday.. a lady that I done shift work with last year, her husband drowned down at the river .. My thoughts are with you Annette and your family.. xxx... 
Well kids.. I better make a move away from this computer.. Perrys waiting for me to get my act together... so until next time.. stay safe xxx 

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