Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer Problems

Howdy people's just popping in to let you all know.. I have a few computer problems, Yes.. I have had the luck of the Irish twice over.. and back again..


We decided that I would get more Ram put into my computer.. new windows7.. well the Ram went in real well.. Windows 7 geeezzz no go.. the tech fella is unable to get it onto my hard drive at this particular moment, but the biggest of all the problems is I backed up all files eg layouts, new CT kits ,addresses, Links and so on and so on.. onto one of my external hard drives.. had a lend of my dads PC went to take my CT stuff off external hard drive.. and it wouldnt open.. OMG.. The Tech fella got it to the point of being able to see on it.. but everythings gone.. not one thing is left on it.. OMG..

I need to say sorry to my designers because this will set me back a fair bit.. some how I will get through it.. and get the layouts out there just need to sit and think how.. I do have a couple of ideas.. just havent got around to trying them out as yet .. I can not stress just how much I am peeved off..  they say to BACK UP BACK UP..!!! right .. backed up .. and still lost it..  :(

Hopefully tomorrow it will have some sort of windows on there. .not sure which one whether it be Vista or Windows 7 but when I do have it back and running to how I had it.. you will all hear me far far away.. LOL..LOL.. if I dont laugh.. I will cry...

thanks for listening.. :)  until later keep safe..


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