Monday, June 14, 2010

Delmik -Tiny Summer

Well what a day it's been here... with this satellite.. honestly my provider better do something real soon to fix this problem.. or the real tracey is about to be unleashed.. they have had plenty of time to fix this... .... gggeeezzzz  I should have stayed on dial up because theres not much difference at the moment.. So I need to apologize to designers and in the galleries.. as I am unable to get  around.

I have a kit to show off its been in the shop now for a few days..( running late) 

Tiny Summer 
by Delmik Designs
available @ sunflowerscrap 

"Tiny Summer" includes:
-36 different elements
-5 different papers

and my pages 

Link to my DST Gallery

well thats only taken half hour to do.. OMG!!  Harboursat email coming your way right now! 
Good night/day where ever you may be and I shall catch you hopefully tomorrow.. if I can get on here.. ( I better have some answers) 
mwah everyone 

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