Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Kit.. New News

hello everyone.. guess who is back..LOL.. well only for a short time... end of April we head off over to the big island.. LOL..(mainland) its a Tasmania joke...been a big couple of months for us here.. but she's all good... not long now and we go... my son headed off to WA last monday... he's just loving it.. heat is a bit much for him.. but I guess in time he will get use to it.... job hunting now flat out... cant wait to see him again... it was so hard seeing him off..:(

this is the second time I have tried to blog.. I lost my first post.. not sure what happened but its gone..

I have some exciting news we have a new member in our family.. introducing Master Lucas Patrick 7pounds 6 ozs nice and healthy

(above) pictured here with uncle kurt.

(botton) one with his older brother

my two favourite boys.. love them to bits... not sure how we are going to leave these two behind.. I know there will be a lot of tears.. 

Celebration today for Taite he's having his 2nd birthday.. wow.. ..*Happy Birthday Taite*
 he's giving us so much in the last 2 years... love you to the moon and back twice over.. sweet....xxxxx 

I have a awesome new kit to show off.. wow... the ideas was endless with this beauty.. check it out..!! 

by Joelle

and my two pages that I made using this awesome kit

not all pages are up loaded into my galleries
link will take you to my DST Gallery for credits and a closer look... :)

LOL..LOL this is stupid... its taking me ALL morning to do this post... talk about out of touch.. ok.. will try and be back later.... with more... newies

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